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HARG Meeting: 28th. November 2015. “HF Propagation Lecture” (Principles) By Mal. VK6LC

posted 18 Aug 2015, 23:23 by Secretary H.A.R.G.   [ updated 1 Sept 2015, 16:31 ]
1. Sun Spot Solar Cycle 24. Where we are and where we are going.

2. M.U.F. (Maximum Usable Frequency) principals, Frequency layers Day/Night, Antenna angle of radiation, Skip and Grey Line 
   propagation graphics.

3. Propagation Data (sun spot numbers, Predictions, Indexes etc) Shack Aids, Internet Clusters and International Beacons.
   (right now we are on our way down with Solar Cycle 24 and we all must be aware, as we will loose most of the higher  
    Frequency bands). A good time to see why its happening and what we can do stay in there.

A live viewing session will be featured with general info handouts will be made up for distribution.
To note: The study of VHF-UHF Propagation will not be covered, only HF 30-1.8mhz.