VK6LC Celebrating 31 years in Amateur Radio - Saturday November 29

posted 20 Oct 2014, 01:20 by VK6ZMS
 Mal. VK6LC will give a talk and power point presentation of his ventures from last May-June-July 2014. to North and South America.
A three-month DX Vacation that covered 65,000km. of travel. Touring, sight-seeing meeting Radio operator friends and two DXpeditions.

VK6LC/USA. It will encompass West-East of North America by Amtrak Railway, mobile and home base operating.

South America:  “The Grey Nomads” DX Vacation 2014.

HK3/VK6LC Bogota and the Andes Mountains.

HK9/VK6LC. DXpedition to the Amazonas.

HK0/VK6LC. DXpedition to San Andres Island.

CE3/VK6LC Santiago, Chile.

CE2/VK6LC La Calera, Central Chile.

PT7/VK6LC Fortaleza, Brazil.

During the power point there will be a talk through as its progresses.

We anticipate it will run for approximately 1 hour. Extended for question time.

Mal. has now completed operating in 6 Continents of the World.