International Museums Week

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 International Museums Weekends as described at

Our plan, due to operator availability, is to focus on the first weekend only (June 14th, 15th ) which is now less than two weeks distant!   If you have local museums, please consider registering these and possibly participating in the second weekend as well.   I see that as of today only two museums in VK, Melbourne and Wireless Hill, have been registered.   Participation in prior events has not seen much VK activity either so it would be good to get behind events such as this.


In regards Wireless Hill, if your club would like to join us in activation please advise as soon as possible with a list of days / times your operators could be present.   There is the opportunity to provide demonstrations such as portable station setup, simple antenna construction, etc in order to attract the attention of the general public – which may translate into some new VK calls J


The WA VHF Group will be setting up in the Eric Smith Room at Wireless Hill and we will have some Group equipment available such as FT-736R for 6m, 2m, 70cm and 23cm and a TS-2000 for HF, VHF, UHF.   Antenna-wise we’ll have the HF Log for 13 to 30MHz as well as the 6m beam and 2m / 70cm collinear.   We should also be able to deploy an HF longwire.


Anyone interested in participating with us would be welcome to add to this and / or provide static displays of equipment / antennas.: if you are able to participate with us please let me know of your potential contributions to the operating roster and feel free to ask any questions in regards the event.   I will do my best to provide answers!


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