20100808 - VK100WIA centenary pileup

posted 15 Apr 2011, 00:38 by Domain Administrator
The Hills Amateur Radio Group (HARG) in Perth Western Australia has created a YouTube video clip of a frantic dogpile on 20m chasing a contact with the special callsign VK100WIA. Operating VK100WIA was Marty Martin VK6FDX, who is seen in the video dealing with what sounded like dozens of stations calling at once during the opening to Europe that lasted 180 minutes. They included Bulgaria, Italy, Slovak Republic, Poland, Slovak Republic, Britain, France, Russia, Switzerland, Urkaine, Czech Republic, and also the Middle East with Israel and Saudi Arabia.

Marty VK6FDX said afterwards "It was a fantastic weekend and the most fun I’ve ever had on HF". He was joined in the shack with HARG President Martin Stretton VK6ZMS and club member Craig Lamb VK6FLAM. HARG was successful in obtaining good local media coverage of its part in the world-wide celebration of the Centenary of Organised Amateur Radio in Australia. Martin VK6ZMS said the Hills Amateur Radio Group was "excited and proud to be taking part in such a historical celebration." He added that during the weekend about a dozen people who visited the club’s radio shack asked about the hobby, had their questions answered and informed about the training courses and license assessments provided by the Ham College.