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A President's Rambling

posted 13 Dec 2015, 07:19 by President H.A.R.G.
Hi All - I Thought I would put up a few of the photos I took of the HARG Christmas party and what turned out to be an eventful working bee.  I would like to thank all of those who organised, provisioned and cooked (thanks Allan) the Christmas feast.  It was great company, great food and a spot on way of spending a Saturday afternoon.

Special thanks to John for supplying the Cherry picker and his expertise in driving it repairing the HARG yagi.  With Ray, Allan and Marty doing the running around and keeping the job going, at days end we had a repaired antenna and replaced feed line.

There were a number of other goings on during the day and wherever I looked people were doing something Ham related.  

We don't have an official club meeting at the end of the year, but the shack will be open (Boxing Day afternoon) for those who would like to partake of some radio.  Possibly some contacts in the log!

Any way to a few photos.

John changing driver tip and trap
Taken from the front carpark over the top of the club house.  The mast is all the way down and the cherry picker is all of the way up.

Enjoying company and great food.

And while we were enjoying a pleasant lunch, this was happening outside.

Cheers and Merry Christmas to all, and once again thanks for all those who made this day so good.


Ian - VK6DW
President - HARG
President H.A.R.G.,
13 Dec 2015, 07:19