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20110710 - We're moving, new time, new place!

posted 10 Jul 2011, 17:11 by Onno Benschop
We've been running F-troop on the Tick-Hill repeater for about a month and the turn-out has been excellent! During that time some F-troopers have contacted me directly indicating that they'd like to participate as well and that they have trouble getting into the repeater. In addition, my QTH is now behind the hill I was previously living on-top-of, so a discussion was had and it was concluded that 8:00am on Saturday morning on the Rolystone repeater would be a suitable alternative.

As of 16 July at 8:00am (0:00 UTC), F-troop will be held on VK6RAP, 146.700 MHz FM with an input frequency of 146.100 MHz.

As fate would have it, I'll be in the middle of the VK6 Portable Field-day on the Harvey Estuary, so I won't be able to host the first F-troop at this new time and place, but Miles, VK6MAB has graciously offered to be the host.

If you're a Foundation license holder, or if you'd like to welcome Foundation licensees into Amateur Radio, please feel free to join in.