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Yaesu FT-857D

posted 15 Jun 2011, 21:40 by Onno Benschop
Excerpts from pages 56 and 57 from the user manual:
  1. Select 146.700 MHz as your frequency.
  2. Press the [MODE(<-)] or [MODE(->)] key so as to select the FM mode.
  3. Press the [FUNC] key momentarily, then rotate the SELECT knob, as needed, until Multi Function Row “d” [RPT, REV, VOX] appears on the display.
  4. Press the [A](RPT) key to activate repeater operation. One press of the [A](RPT) key will have set the transceiver for “Minus Shift” operation. In this situation, you will observe the “–” indicator on the display.
  5. Press and hold the [A](RPT) key for one second. This instantly recalls Menu Mode No-076 [RPT SHIFT].
  6. Rotate the DIAL know to select the desired shift frequency of 0.600 MHz. (The standard repeater offset around here is 600 KHz.)
  7. When done, press and hold in the [FUNC] key for one second to save the new setting and exit to normal operation.
  8. Close the PTT switch and speak into the microphone. You will observe that the transmitted frequency has shifted to 146.100 MHz. Release the PTT switch to return to the Receive mode and back to 146.700 MHz.
If you want to store this into a memory for easy recall, read up on the process on page 74. Note that you could also store this repeater as a split frequency as described on page 75.